Personalized Healthcare
On YOUR Terms
Tailored for YOU

Your health is crucial to living a great and fulfilling life!

We have been taught to rely on health insurance that makes us pay a premium, for not much benefit. Why spend all that time trying to find an insurance company that will only let you down in coverage and service when you can work with a doctor that will cover all of your needs for a much more affordable rate?

Here at Concierge Health, we are giving you the opportunity to get reliable healthcare services at a rate that caters to your wallet!

See our packages below to find the best package for you! We will provide a free initial assessment with each package!

Concierge Level 1
$175 per Month - No Annual Contract

Personal Team of Physician and Nurse Practitioner

24/7 Access to Providers

No-Rushed Office Visits

Tailor-Made Custom Care

Annual Executive Physical

Annual Medication and Overall Health Review

Appointments within One Business Day

Telemedicine and Virtual Appointments

Convenient Weekly Onsite Phlebotomy Service

In-Patient Hospital Monitoring and Discharge Review

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